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Protect Your Home – ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Corpus Christi is dedicated to helping provide homeowners with the peace of mind that comes from a home security system. We employ state-of-the-art technology and skilled technicians to equip our clients with the best available resources in home security. Under 24-hour video surveillance and monitoring, your home will remain under your protection even in your absence—whether you are at work for the day or at home for the week. Once you install and activate your new security system, you will receive real-time alerts in the event of a home-related emergency. You will also be able to instantly connect with nearby emergency response teams. Call our Corpus Christi office to schedule an installation, and begin to feel safer in your home as early as this week.

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According to FBI crime data, the crime rate in Corpus Christi is considerably higher than the national average. Corpus Christi has a crime index of 10, meaning that it is safer than approximately 10% of all other U.S. Cities. Within the state of Texas, Corpus Christi has a higher crime rate than 89% of all other cities and communities. One’s chance of becoming victim to any crime in Corpus Christi is 1 in 23.

Data from recent years has indicated that crime in Corpus Christi is on the rise. As such, home security is a relevant and important asset available to you as a Corpus Christi homeowner. Property crimes account for an overwhelming majority of crimes reported in Corpus Christi and nationwide. The following statistics provide a closer look at property crime in Corpus Christi, TX:

  • 1 in every 29 Corpus Christi residents are likely to become victims of property crime
  • More than 11,000 instances of property crime are reported annually
  • Approximately 2,200 burglaries are reported each year


It is important to us at Protect Your Home - ADT Authorized Premier Provider, that residents feel safe in their surroundings. Our network is committed to providing Corpus Christi homeowners with the necessary tools for the peace of mind that comes from home security. Our installation experts will gladly walk you through the features of your new home security system to ensure that you feel prepared in the event of a home-related emergency. With the help of Protect Your Home – ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Corpus Christi, you will have the best possible resources to help protect your home from outside threats.

With a population of 324,074 people and 74 constituent neighborhoods, Corpus Christi is the 8th largest city in Texas. As a coastal city that includes small islands situated around the bay, Corpus Christi is a very car-oriented city. In the absence of public transportation, approximately 82% of the workforce drives their car to work each day. Many residents of Corpus Christi work in management occupations, sales jobs, and administrative support. The healthcare industry employs the highest percentage (14.5%) of the Corpus Christi workforce, followed by retail, accommodation, education, and construction.

Corpus Christi visitors and natives may enjoy the chance to pay tribute to the Queen of Tejano Music at the Mirador de la Flor, honoring Selena Quintanilla, which translates to “The Flower’s Lookout.” The Selena Seawall Statue honors the fallen 90s music icon and was unveiled just two years after her passing. An excerpt from the dedication near the monument reads, “Selena’s stage is now silent, yet her music lives on.”

Outdoor sport enthusiasts may also enjoy the Bob Hall Pier, which is open 24 hours a day for fishing or long walks on the Corpus Christi Bay.


  1. State of the art equipment – ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider near Corpus Christi will help you understand all aspects of your system so that you can be as prepared as possible for any emergency situation. With our infrared interior cameras and wireless sensors, you will receive an instant notification of any disturbance that may occur in your home. Your home security system will immediately connect you to nearby emergency response teams in the event of a homerelated emergency.
  2. Quick and convenient home security installation - Our installation experts provide a swift and thorough installation of your home security system. Our team of locally based home security experts will answer any questions that you may have during the security system installation. Call us today to schedule an appointment and begin learning about our comprehensive options to protect your home from invasions and intruders.
  3. Home Security Installation Experts - Protect Your Home - ADT Authorized Premier Provider is a trusted source for home security and surveillance. Our network is fiercely dedicated to Corpus Christi homeowners, providing you with customer service that can’t be beat. If for some reason you are dissatisfied with your system, please give us a call and we will address your concerns immediately.