The ADT-monitored Wet Switch Flood Detector

Every home needs a flood detector. Just imagine this. You get home from a long day of travel exhausted. You walk in and realize a pipe burst and your basement is under water. What a nightmare! Water damage is a serious threat to your home that can cause thousands of dollars in damage, create structural issues, and destroy valuables. The average homeowners pays $3,857 for foundation repair caused by water damage while experiencing persistent issues in the future

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How the Wet Switch Flood Detector and Monitoring Works

The smallest leak can turn into a large problem if its not noticed and immediately repaired.

Having a device to help monitor any potential leaking water is paramount to keeping your home safe from flooding damage. All 50 states have repaired flooding issues, which is why all homes should have the Wet Switch Flood Detector.

Key specifications of the Wet Switch Flood Detector:

  • Based on WS4945 wireless door/window contact
  • Water probe through a (1.8m) 6 foot-wire
  • Built-in reed switch
  • Normally closed external contact input
  • 1 lithium battery included (4 year life)
  • Case and wall tamper
  • End-of-life resistor
  • 4 year battery life

Place the flood detector in every room that has a water based appliance, such as a washing machine or a dishwasher. These types of appliances are prone to flood issues and water leaks. When mounting the flood detector, make sure that the two probes and water sensor are against the ground. You will be alerted about the presence of water immediately by an alarm. The Wet Switch Flood Detector is the best device to help better protect your home against flood damage and water leaks.

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How Does a Flood Detector Work?

A flood detector a device used to help prevent water damage within a home or business. When a leak occurs and the water comes in contact with the flood sensors, an alarm is triggered.

Flood Detectors are based off a tried and true principle of electrical circuit. The sensors attached to the flood detector only complete the electrical circuit when they encounter water. Once that circuit is completed, an alert will be transmitted to your control panel and an alarm will be triggered. Security systems monitor the flood detector data and alert the homeowner via alarm to the presence of water when moisture levels rise above normal conditions.

You can place flood detectors in any area of your home. We recommend placing the Flood Detector anywhere you have water pipes. Here are a few other tips for flood sensor installation and positioning:

  1. Install flood sensors in areas that are prone to water damage.
  2. Put them under sinks
  3. Position flood sensors near washer/dryer
  4. Mount them near water heaters
  5. Put them inside crawl spaces
  6. When used in basements, flood sensors can help prevent mold and damage from appliances

Flooding doesn’t have to be a scary situation. With flood sensors, you can be better protected and prepared. After all, damage from flooding often involves more than just replacing the carpet or furniture. Frequently, you have to seek out mold or replace important infrastructure inside your home. Early detection with flood motion detectors is a key element in preventing damage from water leaks.


Flood Detector

  1. Flood sensor monitors home continuously

  2. Circuit is completed, detecting the presence of water

  3. System is notified of present water

Benefits of the Wet Switch Flood Detector

The Wet Switch Flood Detector is the perfect complement to your ADT home monitoring system. ADT monitoring provides 24/7 protection for your home to keep it safe from excess water. Your ADT monitoring system connects to a flood detector, which is equipped with a sensor alarm that tracks the presence of a water leak.

The Wet Switch Flood Detector contains a water sensor, two probes, and wireless transmitter. When the two probes encounter water, it will transmit an alert via the transmitter. If a flood detector senses the presence of a water leak, it works with your monitoring system control panel to alert an ADT monitoring center. One of the ADT representatives will then proceed to notify you of the issue immediately, which can help you save thousands of dollars in repair costs due to water damage.

Flood detectors help homeowners by:

  • Being integrated with your home monitoring system so you receive alerts along with your home security
  • Helping protect against plumbing issues or faulty pipes
  • Monitoring an unused or vacant property
  • Understanding where to look for mold from flourishing in crawl spaces and basements

The Wet Switch Flood Detector also comes with a 4-year battery life, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing your home is fully supervised from leaks. If you have animals, the Wet Switch Flood Detector also comes equipped with a tamper proof casing. Should this casing be removed or damaged, the Wet Switch Flood Detector will report it back to the control panel. This unit also comes with a wall tamper system. If the detector is removed from the wall, it will alert the control panel. Also, the sleek design can easily blend in with your home décor.

Everyday, we do things to help protect our families from incidents beyond our control. We have health insurance, airbags in our cars, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors in our home. You’ve spent a lifetime creating memories in your home that could be washed away with one water incident. Use the Wet Switch Flood Detector. to help protect your family and home from flooding issues.


ADT Monitoring provides additional protection over traditional flood detectors

  • Alerts you early to the presence of water
  • Early detection can prevent thousands of dollars in restoration costs
  • Integrates with ADT monitoring & security systems
  • Protects your family’s valuables and memories from water damage