ADT-Monitored High Decibel Home Alarm Sirens

Looking for the best way to round out your home security? Look no farther than ADT® Monitored High Decibel Home Alarm Sirens. These indoor and outdoor sirens help prevent home burglaries by emitting a loud noise to scare off potential home invaders. Your ADT® monitoring can do more than just alert emergency services.

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ADT-Monitored 2-Way Wireless Indoor Home Alarm Siren


The ADT-monitored 2-Way Wireless Indoor Home Alarm Siren is a staple for any home. It will not only alert you to any intruder attempting to enter your home, but it also acts as a second fire alarm with a distinguishable siren.

Features of the ADT® Monitored 2-Way Wireless Indoor Home Alarm Siren

  1. Equipped with a RF transmitter which establishes a supervised communication link with the system controller
  2. Installer-selectable Dip Switch for Level 1/Level 2 detection to optimize false alarm immunity for certain acoustic environments
  3. Uses lithium batteries
  4. Tamper-activated test mode: should be testing using an AFT-100 Glass Break simulator

Features of the ADT® Monitored 2-Way Wireless Outdoor Home Alarm Siren

  • Siren output – 85dB
  • Siren sounds for alarms, door chimes, entry/exit delay and troubles
  • Transmits RF status, low battery and tamper condition
  • Front and back tamper detection
  • Nominal battery life – 1 year

ADT® monitored high decibel home alarm sirens are the perfect compliment to your current ADT® home security and monitoring system.

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How Home Alarm Sirens Work

Home alarm sirens are loud noise making devices that are used to warn of emergency situations. These alarms are traditionally mounted devices in fixed locations. They range in uses from tornado sirens, to emergency services, to in home security system sirens.

Alarm sirens come in two general types, pneumatic and electronic. Pneumatic sirens consist of two components inside called a chopper and a stator. Both of these components have holes within them. As the devices rotate inside of the siren, they alternate preventing and allowing air flow. This creates alternating compressed air pressure, which triggers a loud sound. Electronic sirens contain oscillator, modulator, and amplifier circuits that help control the sound produced. These circuits actually synthesize a specific siren tone, which is then amplified through a set of speakers that aren’t part of the specific siren itself.

Alarm sirens have been around for a significant amount of time. They were originally invented by a Scottish physicist sometime before 1799. Originally, they were utilized as musical instruments. The first application for an alarm siren was for volunteer firemen. Before sirens, the only want to alert the firemen was by ringing a loud bell. As electricity became available, the first fire alarm sirens became available and replaced the generic bell ringing. Alarm sirens revolutionized how people were alerted for emergency situations.

  1. Siren output of 85dB for indoor and 100dB for outdoor

  2. Communicates with security panel

  3. Sounds for alarms

  4. Transmits RF status, low battery and tamper condition

  5. Front and back tamper detection

Why Choose High Decibel Home Alarm Sirens

Adding indoor and outdoor home alarm sirens are a strong complement to your current ADT® monitored security system. While you’re in your home, the indoor home alarm sirens make sure that your entire home is alerted of a potential safety issue. Even if you’re sleeping, the alarm siren will hopefully wake you up and make sure you can get to safety sooner. In the event of a break in, your indoor alarm siren can help scare away burglars. Upon hearing the alarm, they’re likely to exit the premises quickly.

The outdoor high decibel home alarm siren plays a big part in helping get emergency services to you sooner. If a break in is in progress, your outdoor alarm sirens will help alert your neighbors of an emergency. This also helps scare away burglars when they hear the alarm go off. If emergency services have been dispatched to your home, your alarm will help them identify your home. The alarm will not be disarmed until communicated by an ADT® monitoring center.

  • Can alert neighbors of potential need for help
  • Can ward off intruders
  • Wake up family members to get to safety faster