The ADT-Monitored Garage Door Sensor

The first thought homeowners have when purchasing a security system is making sure all outer entrance points are secured. Your garage is a direct entrance to your house and while technically an internal door, it can still be susceptible to break ins. There is a misconception that your main garage door is always locked, but did you know it can take a burglar 6 seconds to unlock and access your main garage door with a coat hanger?

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Features of ADT Garage Door Sensor


The ADT-monitored garage door sensor was created with versatility in mind. It is the perfect fit for internal garage doors and overhead doors due to its reed switch and tilt switch modes. In reed switch mode, the garage door sensor is mounted next to a magnet, when separated the alarm is triggered and transmitted. In tilt switch mode, the garage door sensor can be mounted anywhere, and an alarm is triggered when the door is opened and the switch is tilted.

Here are some other features of the garage door sensor:

  • 3 zones in 1 (each zone has an individual serial number)
  • 1 reed/magnet combination zone
  • Tilt switch mode for overhead doors
  • 2 normally closed external contact inputs
  • Long-life lithium battery included
  • Case tamper
  • Reliable 433 MHz technologyr

With the ADT-monitored garage door sensor, you’ll know exactly when your garage doors are opened and accessed. This is the perfect way to maintain control of your home and help protect access.

Frequently Used Together


How Garage Door Sensors Work

With any garage, you traditionally have one or more large doors and the internal door that leads into the house for attached garages or outside for detached garages. To have a comprehensive security system, you need to protect each of these doors. There’s no better way to do that than with a garage door sensor.

There have traditionally been two types of garage door sensors each with a specific function and responsibility. Reed switch sensors are used on any internal door or window of the garage. These sensors are mounted next to magnets that create a bond with the sensor. The second the bond is broken, an alert is triggered and sent to the security system.

The second type of garage door sensor is a tilt switch sensor. These tilt switches are used for large, external garage doors. These special sensors address limitations of reed switch sensors due to range limitations when mounting overhead doors. Tilt sensors do exactly as their name states; they sense when they are tilted. When an overhead garage door opens, the garage door sensor alerts the control panel which can contact the security monitoring center.


Tilt Switches

  1. Upright tilt switch has a complete circuit, signaling that it is closed

  2. As the garage door opens, the sensor is tilted

  3. Tilt switch has an open circuit, signaling the door is open

Benefits of the ADT® Garage Door Sensor

Often overlooked, the garage area can be very susceptible to break ins. Most homes leave the internal door to their garage unlocked assuming they’re protected by the large, overhead door. Approximately 9% of all burglaries occur using the garage as an entry point. The ADT-monitored garage door sensor helps provide both internal and overhead door protection for this entry point. Homes with ADT Pulse monitoring can use the garage door sensor to answer the age old question: Did I leave the garage door open?

This not only applies for attached garages, a garage door sensor can also be used with detached garages that have multiple external entry points in your overhead door, external door, and potential windows. The ADT-monitored garage door sensor can help make sure these entry points are covered. Some of your most valuable assets are located and stored within your garage. Items like cars, lawn mowers, tools, bikes, and other high ticket items.

With the ADT® monitored garage door sensor, you can make sure these items are as protected as possible.


Garage Door Sensor

  • Monitor a vulnerable entry to the home
  • Protect valuables stored in garage
  • Pair with ADT Pulse and you will never have to ask, “Did I leave my garage door open?” again.