The ADT-Monitored Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide gas or CO has no color or taste. It can't be detected by our senses. In high concentration, it can be deadly. Carbon monoxide gas is essentially undetectable by humans. Having a smart and connected carbon monoxide detector is an essential for any home.

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ADT-Monitored Carbon Monoxide Detector


The ADT® monitored carbon monoxide detector continually senses carbon monoxide in the air with a range of 35-5,000 parts per million (PPM). When the carbon monoxide detector senses 70 PPM or more, the sensor’s alarm is triggered. By contrast, the first symptoms of life threatening carbon monoxide poisoning, generally slight headaches or flu-like symptoms come on at 100 PPM. The ADT® monitored detector, when used properly, allows for early detection of this silent killer before carbon monoxide poisoning sets in.

This state of the art carbon monoxide detector is equipped with an 85 decibel alarm at 10 feet. The loud alert is used to notify anyone in your home of carbon monoxide buildup. It's different from the competition because it communicates with the home security panel and alerts ADT® monitoring of increased level of carbon monoxide. ADT® then follows up on the issue and will contact emergency services, as desired. This means that your home and family’s safety isn’t solely dependent on hearing and responding to the CO detector.

The ADT® monitored Carbon Monoxide Detector has four (4) LED indicators so you can see its current status at a glance.

  • Red – An alarm has been triggered
  • Green – Detector is powered on
  • Yellow – There is an issue with the detector
  • Amber – The detector is warming up

You’ll never have to worry about when to replace your ADT® monitored Carbon Monoxide Detector. Like other battery monitored CO detectors, it will lasts 4-5 years, and has an included end of life indicator to let you know when to replace the unit.

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How Carbon Monoxide Detectors Work

Due to the nature of carbon monoxide being colorless, tasteless and odorless, it’s impossible to detect the presence of carbon monoxide without a detector. Digital, portable, and wireless are the three primary types of carbon monoxide detectors. Each of these has different applications. All of these systems use an audible alarm as the primary indicating factor of a high level of carbon monoxide.

Digital detectors allow users to view the exact concentration of carbon monoxide in the air. Users of these devices will be able to track the amount of carbon monoxide that is currently present even if it’s below the alarm threshold, which can be measured over a specific period.

Portable detectors are utilized for more professional services like property managers to diagnose issues like finding the potential source or a carbon monoxide leak. Wireless detectors allow carbon monoxide detectors to be connected to a wide range of services like home monitoring and security services. They’re even more beneficial for those who have vision or hearing issues.

Wireless carbon monoxide detectors can connect to products like vibrating pillow pads or strobe lights to help notify of carbon monoxide alarms.


Carbon Monoxide Sensor

  • Carbon monoxide detector monitors air
  • Concentration of carbon monoxide is tracked
  • Alarm sounds when unsafe level of carbon monoxide is reached

Benefits of the ADT® monitored Carbon Monoxide Detector

A buildup of Carbon Monoxide can be deadly in any home. It’s important that every home is equipped with a carbon monoxide detector to help protect families from this colorless, tasteless, and odorless deadly gas. This carbon monoxide detector is the best investment to help keep your family safe. The electrochemical sensing technology of ADT-monitored CO detector ensures a high level of accuracy while able to sense trace amount of carbon monoxide buildup.

Not only does it detect the presence of carbon monoxide, it integrates with ADT monitoring and security systems. This allows for an increased level of protection as your carbon monoxide detector communicates and deploys emergency services, as needed. Also, this carbon monoxide detector can work perfectly as an alarm without monitoring service.

Using this CO detector could not be more simple. It can be paired with smoke and flood detectors to help safely and simply protect your home from disasters. The ADT-monitored Carbon Monoxide Detector can be installed in hard-to-wire locations without any drilling or wiring.

Overall, you’ll have the peace of mind that your family has protection from carbon monoxide poisoning.


ADT Monitoring provides additional protection over traditional carbon monoxide alarms

  • You can be alerted of Carbon Monoxide buildup even when away from home
  • Early CO detection will help to keep your family healthy and happy