The ADT Video Doorbell

Your front door may be the most important part of your home’s security. So, who is knocking at your door? With the ADT Video Doorbell, you have the ability to answer your front door from virtually anywhere using the ADT Pulse® + Video app. Receive notifications and view doorbell and motion-activated video clips from your phone. Welcome invited guests through two-way audio, and grant access to your home by remotely arming and disarming your ADT-monitored security system through the ADT Pulse app. The ADT Video Doorbell is a safer, smarter doorbell. 

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The ADT Video Doorbell

Doorbell Main Content 

Identify who is at your front door before opening the door with the ADT Video Doorbell. No more peeking from behind the curtains or opening your door to strangers. The ADT Video Doorbell can help protect you from theft, intruders, and unwanted solicitors with two-way audio that allows you to “answer” the door safely from your phone.

The ADT Video Doorbell is also a great option for when you aren’t home or able to answer your front door. The motion detector and doorbell button both trigger the camera to record video and send you an alert. The video is then saved to the ADT Pulse® + Video app so you can view it at any time, and from virtually anywhere. That way you can know if someone is on your property or a package has arrived at your door— even if no one actually rings the doorbell. 

Key features of the ADT Video Doorbell include:

  • Integration with ADT Pulse + Video app
  • 2-way audio
  • Video clip captures and push notifications when the doorbell button is pushed or when the camera senses motion
  • Sharp HD 720P (1280x720) resolution
  • 180° diagonal viewing angle
  • Infrared LED night-vision technology
  • Weatherproof IP65 Rated Casing
  • Works in temperatures as cold as -4°F and as hot as 122°F.
  • Connects via Wi-Fi
  • Serial Flash 64MB storage
  • Simple 2-wire installation, replaces the existing hardwired doorbell button
  • Compatible with analog (mechanical) and digital doorbells
  • Compatible with Apple and Android phones

Frequently Used Together

How to get started with an ADT Video Doorbell  

  1. A Protect Your Home Security Advisor will help you to install your ADT Video Doorbell. He or she will help you add the Video Doorbell to your ADT Pulse account so you can manage the ADT Video Doorbell from your phone or connected device. The ADT Video Doorbell will show in your “Cameras” list on the ADT Pulse app. 
  2. Your ADT Video Doorbell is ready to use! The doorbell is easy to operate for just about any visitor who comes to your front door. All it requires is the touch of a button! The doorbell button is large and LEDlit. But don’t worry—even if a visitor fails to press the doorbell button, you will still receive a motionactivated notification and video clip. The video camera at the top of the doorbell is also easy to spot, and the ADT logo on the doorbell lets visitors know that your home is an ADT-monitored home. These details add an extra level of protection to your home.

How the ADT Video Doorbell can integrate with your ADT-monitored security system for a smarter front door

The ADT Video Doorbell integrates with your security system, so it can work with your Smart Lock, sirens, and other security equipment to make your home smarter and safer. 


  1. Communicate with invited guests who arrive at your door using ADT Video Doorbell two-way communication and video streaming. 
  2. Remotely arm and disarm your ADT-monitored security system using the ADT Pulse app to allow guests access to your home.
  3. Lock and unlock your front door using your Smart Lock and the ADT Pulse app.
  4. Once you see your guests have left your home (using your ADT Video Doorbell camera) you can make sure the front door is locked, and arm your security system—all through the ADT Pulse app. 

Why Choose the ADT Video Doorbell 

The ADT Video Doorbell allows you to answer your front door from virtually anywhere with clear HD video streaming and two-way audio. The ADT Video Doorbell also records motion and doorbell activated video clips for you to view later—which is great for when you’re away from home, or unable to come to the door.

Best of all, the ADT Video Doorbell integrates with your home’s ADT-monitored security system to provide you with smarter, safer protection. You can remotely arm and disarm your system to allow guests (with a key) to enter. Or if you also have a Smart Lock, you can lock and unlock your doors remotely—no key necessary! You can seamlessly manage the ADT Video Doorbell along with all your other security components such as door locks, sirens, and lighting through the ADT Pulse app.

Who is knocking at your door? With the ADT Video Doorbell, you can always know.