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Installing a Security System: DIY vs. Professional

blog-default When it comes to security systems, proper installation of the system is important. If it isn’t properly installed, then it might not work correctly. Having a professional come in to install your system isn’t a bad idea; but you may save a lot of money if you install the system yourself. Deciding whether or not to hire a professional can be a difficult decision to make. Take some time to list off the benefits of each option to see what’s perhaps right for you:

Who Should Install Their Own Security System?

Installing a security system yourself isn’t necessarily the toughest job, but it does take a certain kind of person. If you aren’t very handy, don't understand how the system works, or simply don't want to install the system, then you need to call a professional. If you enjoy fixing things around the house, have a simple understanding of electricity, and are confident that you can get the job done, installing the system yourself may be a good option after-all. If at any point in the installation process you feel like you're in over your head, call a professional.

Which Security Systems Are Easy to Install?

There are several different types of security systems out there. A hardwired system is one of the most difficult to install because it’s wired into the house that it’s installed in. These systems are very reliable and work extremely well; but the installation is more difficult than other systems, and it takes the longest. If you don't want to install a hardwired system or would prefer to install a wireless system, then the installation is usually pretty easy. The downside to these systems is that they are generally more expensive than other types of systems, so you might end up spending more than you intended.

Pros of Doing It Yourself

Being able to install anything on your own has plenty of advantages. Here are a couple of great things about installing your own system.
  • Cost

Installation of a security system can be expensive, even though many large security companies like ADT offer subsidized prices for their customers. The more work you do, the more money you may save.
  • Satisfaction

Any time you're able to do something yourself, you probably feel pretty good. Knowing that you installed your home's security system provides you with a level of satisfaction that you wouldn’t get when you hire a professional.

Pros of Hiring a Professional

Some people prefer to hire a professional for everything. Even if you aren't one of these people, it can be a good idea to hire someone to install your security system. Here's why.
  • It Will Be Done Correctly

Although some people would argue that they can only absolutely know something is done right if they do it themselves, most people would argue that a professional is going to do it right every time. If, for some reason, the security system isn’t installed correctly the first time, a professional will likely come back out to your home and fix it, possibly even free of charge.
  • It Will Be Done Quickly

Installing a security system yourself can take several hours -- especially if you have to learn a lot about wiring or the security system itself. When you pay for professional installation, it will likely take a much shorter amount of time; which means you have more time for other tasks.
  • The Installer Can Answer Questions

If you have any questions about the security system that weren’t answered when you purchased the system, the professional installing the system should be able to answer them. He or she should also be able to give you a quick tutorial of the system if you're not sure how it functions. Whether or not you choose to hire a professional installer, you’ll likely reap the wonderful benefits of either option. However, it’s ultimately about your wants and needs. Is saving money more important? Or, is convenience more important? In the end, the main goal is to have a safer, more secure home.